Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Riley's in a Contest!

OK... I'll admit, I ripped this idea off of my cousin's blog site... *Sorry!*

I figure what the heck, I'll give her a little competition! J/K! ;-)

I really bet they're going to call a tie on this one! Check out Hadlea's entry here... AND vote for her too!!

Vote for Me!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Never-ending Project

My hubby, Ryan, always does his best to keeps things in order around the house, especially when it comes to honey do's. (Although sometimes tending to the moo-cows takes precendence, but then again, I don't want any of the calves dropping dead either!)

The first task was to repair our leaky roof. He checked that item off the list last summer. Next was to repair the water spots on the interior of our house. He finally carved a week out of his schedule, bought the necessary supplies, and after watching a few DIY videos on Youtube, was ready to hit the ground running!

The only thing was, I HAD. NO. IDEA. he was going to start. And so, one day, out of the blue, this is what I came home to...

And inside...

My first reaction upon opening the garage door was "Riley, your father's lost his mind..." Since I had no idea why all of my furniture was now moved to the garage. Is he MOVING me out? What the ******?

To my surprise... and relief... I entered my house and found my darling husband sweeping the floor with the shopvac, and singing along to the radio that was playing something rock 'n roll. Whew! Good one honey...

He had been scraping off all of the "popcorn" (or cottage cheese as I call it) texture off of the ceiling. After a couple of day and several hundred dollars later, I had a nice non-cottage cheese textured ceiling which I LOVE!

So, when it was all done, and we were talking about moving back in... Ryan asks, "So, while everything is moved out, why don't we just go ahead and do the bathroom and carpet in her. I never realized it, but it sure looks bad."

And the skys parted and angels were singing....

Um, let me think here for a second, I get to go and pick out tile AND carpet? Yes, DING DING DING I think we have a winner...So I said "YES!"

And then comes the fun part. After about a week or so I had made up my mind. What do you think?

And the NEXT project began...


Getting some tile up now...


I just LOVE it! SOOOO Much better than the boring, ugly, hard to clean WHITE 4" tiles that used to be there. I honestly can't wait to use it! It is complete except for the new shower head fixture we picked out, which Ryan will install for me when he gets home. And the carpet guys are going to install the new carpet the first of next week. And THEN this project can be officially marked off of the list.

Except one thing...

"What about carpet in the rest of the house?"

Riley Kate is 8 Months Old!

This last month has FLOWN by, and though the blog hasn't kept you informed very well, (sorry!) she really has changed and grown so much!

Her hair is coming in more now, and stands straight up in the back, where the hairs are just a little shorter than the ones in the front. Mommy puts cute little bows in her hair nearly every day.

She has had lots of bumps and bruises on her forehead, but is FINALLY (and I mean that finally my heart doesn't skip a beat every time she thinks about letting go) learning how to get down when she has pulled herself up. While the bumps and bruises are far away from her heart, it still hurts mommy's heart to watch her fall! But, she has learned how to prevent the falls now! :-)

Speaking of falls... and this is something I really do not want to disclose, but I will...

Riley woke up early this morning, as usual, and since this is the weekend, Mommy wasn't ready to get up for the day, so I took Riley to lay down in our bed.... a common occurance early in the morning. I woke up.... frantically... to a thud and a loud cry.

Yes... she had been lying down on my tummy, we'd both fallen asleep, and she must've lifted up to change positions and leaned a bit to far.... I picked her up, she cried for about a minute.

At this point I'm thinking... did she break a bone, did this shake up her head too much? Logically, I know babies are very pliable creatures, and they have extra fluid in their brain to prevent damange from sudden jerks. Not that this makes it okay though... She quits crying... I'm still holding her like if I loosen my hold I might drop her again...

I take her into the living room and the first thing she sees is this activity table that Aunt Amber gave us a few weeks ago. Upon seeing it, she immediately pushes away from me to the floor so she can crawl over to the table. She pulls herself up, and starts playing...

I'm in shock. How could she already be playing after such a long fall for such a little body? She was fine the rest of the day... thank God!

Anyway, this is just to share in case this happens to anyone else. Don't feel bad... just learn (LIKE I DID!) and either put pillows up so she can't roll off or don't bring her to bed with you at all.

Ahhh... glad that's over with. I'm trying to not let it get to me... but it's hard not to.

On a more positive note, watch this next video to see Riley's new milestone achievement!!!

Riley loves for you to hold her hands and let her walk... "like a big girl!" So, I got the idea today to let her try to pull up on the little walker and see how'd she do. I didn't think she'd take off quite like she did though! She just started cruising... I did the whole "OMG Ryan, LOOK-- She's WALKING!!!" mom-scream! lol!

It was pretty neat though!

Riley and I have been taking trips to Kansas every other week when Daddy is at work. We get to visit Grammie and Pop that way too! And while playing in the hotel is fun for Riley, (Mommy and Daddy NEVER leave the room!) it is not exactly baby proof and definitely not clean enough, so Riley spends lots of time on the bed... and when I just can't watch her... such as when I have to go to the bathroom... she's in here:

Thank God for Pack 'n Plays!

While Riley and I are away from home, and when Ryan is at work during the day, what do we do? Hmmm.... let's see, I think we'll go SHOPPING!

Here's some of Riley's new summer apparel! I am so ready for warm weather and for Riley's new outfits!

And the CUTEST sandals.... EVER. They are called MooShoo Trainers. And they squeak when she walks.

O.M.G. I Love Them! :-)

Riley has definitely been a blessing in our lives. Sometimes she can drive Ryan and I crazy, but I just remind myself that this is the fun part and to not take her for granted. And it is fun... sooo much fun!

Love you all,


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just wanted to share a quick pic of my two valentines...

I love you two so very much!

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!