Saturday, July 10, 2010

Riley's Wrap-Up at 1 Year!

I realize Riley turns 13 months tomorrow, and I am just now finishing her 12 month posts! But there was so much going on at work, home, and with Riley. Sometime I might get caught up with all that has transpired. But for now, here is the last of Riley's 12 Month updates!

Riley measured in at 20 lbs, 7 oz and was 28.75 in long! Both measurements ranked in the 50th percentile, so it looks like she's right on track! On a less happier note, the vaccination shots and tests they run at 12 month check up are nothing short of horrid. 5 shots and a blood test. I won't go into details on how they get the sample... I'll just say this: It's awful! Just thinking about it gives me the Eeeby- Jeebies.


OK... Back to Riley's Wrap-Up!

What Riley is doing at 1 Year Old:
  • No longer walking, but running everywhere. Mommy and Daddy are always saying “Slow Down!” and "Be Careful!

  • Is also a little clumsier. Because of how fast you go! So, we also *lovingly* call you “Weeble Wobbles!”

  • Has 4 teeth, and 2 more on top coming through!

  • Loves rolling her tongue- when she's happy, but mostly when she's mad too! It is by far the funniest and most unique thing she does.

  • Definitely has her momma’s appetite…and is a bottomless pit!

  • Recently, you've tried and loved canteloupe, strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes, and peaches! You definitely love your fruit!!!

  • Drinks whole milk *YAY!* No more buying formula!!!

  • Sometimes tries to tickle Mommy or Daddy

  • Sometimes waves hi and bye-bye

  • Sometimes points to what she wants

  • Is really close to her *true* first words... You can tell she's thinking really hard about, but just can't quite spit it out yet! Mommy's always telling you to "Say this" or "Say that".

  • Loves to play patty cake

  • Is a dare devil.... the faster we go down the driveway in the wagon, the higher we push the swing.... the better! Riley loves a thrill, and so do Mommy and Daddy!

  • Loves to "Dance Riley, Dance!" She will bend her knees and dance to the songs Daddy sings her!!

  • Is still a Momma's girl. Though you are Tammy's girl too. And sometimes you aren't sure who is really #1. The days when Tammy is #1 and Mommy has to pry you from Tammy aren't much fun. Though the days when Mommy leaves you at Tammy's crying aren't great either. Thankfully there really aren't too many of either of these!!

  • Still wears 12-18 month clothes, though I've kind of gone back to size 3 diapers. They are cheaper per diaper and we haven't had a problem with leaks. :) The last time, we'd just ran out of size 3 and size 4 is what I had in the closet, so that is what we used, but until we run into problems with leaks, I'm sticking with the size 3!

  • Sometimes gives Mommy or Daddy kisses! Daddy especially loves this :)
  • Sometimes shakes her head "Yes!" or "No!" She is usually just imitating Mommy or Daddy though!

  • Likes to take Mommy or Daddy's (or sometimes both!) finger and lead (or yank!) us around! Then when she's taken us to the kitchen, to a toy she wants, or some other random place, she pulls us down to sit with her or pick her up! It is hilarious!

  • Is climbing on everything!

  • LOVES to make a mess!
Riley also had her first surgery the week after her birthday. She had tubes put in to help drain the fluid in her ears and hopefully prevent additional ear infections. The surgery went well, and we just had her checkup this week, and everything looked great!


Right After Sugery

Later that Day

Thankfully, she acted as if though she was having a normal day. We hope we don't have any more doctor visits for colds & ear infections this year! So far, so good!

This will be my last post for Riley's 1st Year. I wanted so badly to have a keepsake of all these wonderful memories. And I think I have found one at Feed Fabrik! I am so excited to have a book of Riley's first year. I hope Riley will appreciate it as she grows up, and can look back on all of the good times! I will let you all know how it turned out and will write a review!